5 Reasons to try a Snack Subscription Box

Subscription services are exploding across the Internet.

Well, not literally exploding – but, monthly snack boxes, candy subscription boxes and similar web-to-door services are rapidly gaining popularity. Why are mail order snacks so popular? While everyone has a different reason for placing an order, some top factors are:

1. It’s easy! You’re craving something sweet (or salty), and the cupboards are bare. You could get in the car, drive to the store, wander through the aisles, finally find something to eat, wait in line, pay for your treats and then drive back home before you can tear open the package, relax and enjoy. Compare that to ordering online and having a box of goodies arrive at your doorstep. Not just one treat, but a whole box of them. This means that every month you have a new box of candy or salty snacks without having to go and get them.

2. It’s fun. Some snack delivery services tell you ahead of time what you’re getting. Others, like Munchie Case, make it a surprise. When you get a surprise monthly snack box, it’s like digging in to buried treasure or opening a birthday present!

3. It’s Indulgent.  You know the saying goes "TREAT YO SELF!"  Not all snack boxes have a huge variety of snacks, but your Munchie Case does. Start Snacking Adventurously and get a subscription box that is packed with tasty treats from all over. This provides you with the option to sample yummy goodies that you haven't tried or get those tasty treats that you feel in love (and, that aren’t always available year round).

4. It’s for more than just you. Does anyone really still want the jam of the month club? Not unless it’s 1982. If you want to give a gift that keeps on giving, snack delivery boxes offer that option in an updated way. Not only can you celebrate a friend’s birthday, treat mom on Mother’s Day or give your best bud a unique holiday present, but you can also order a snack box as a gift for everyone at the office.

5. It’s ongoing. The name says it all – monthly snack box. You can set up a schedule and expect the delivery every month, without having to remember to constantly re-order. This makes a subscription service ideal for anyone who doesn’t want the constant burden of ordering online. There are food services galore online, but they don’t all offer the once monthly delivery options that subscription boxes do.

Give Munchie Case a try today!  It's as easy as a few clicks and ships on the 4th of every month, directly to your door and shipping is always free!