Forget the birthday candles.. Top Birthday Cake flavored snacks you need to try!

Have you seen the latest snack flavor craze that you don't only have to enjoy on your day of birth?!  There are quite a few combinations of pretzels (chocolate covered, peanut butter, salted, white chocolate, etc.), but none of them came close to what these had to offer. Well, we are pretty excited to say that this trend is catching on and pretty much took over 2018. You can find yellow cake topped with white, sugary frosting and fun sprinkles to be the new flavor of the year. Birthday cake was a major flavor hit when ColdStone Creamery brought it to their counters, and it has obviously caught a lot of speed since. You can now find birthday cake flavored gum, rum, fudge, M&M’s, lollipops, popcorn recipes, and even just plain ol’ birthday cake flavored milk. There are hundreds of recipes (you should only be slightly afraid to search Pinterest) dedicated to birthday cake flavored recipes.

After the ice cream launch, the Jelly Belly Candy Company made a jellybean inspired by ColdStone Creamery’s Birthday Cake Remix ice cream flavor three years ago. It was greeted with a very strong welcoming by consumers, which has led to the inspiration of this years birthday cake flavored creations. The CEO and president of the Jelly Belly Candy Company said that the flavor appeals to more than just children. Everyone has a birthday, and so it is a great option to turn an any day occasion into something special, or a way to recall some happy memories. The ability to appeal to people who do not like cake, but who might like the flavor of cake has been an even greater market.

A lot of people have turned away from cake because of the amounts of calories packed in each bite, or because they just genuinely are not a fan of cake itself. Having alternatives like birthday cake flavored ice cream, pretzels, and lollipops offer the same amazing taste, minus the unhealthy burden that comes with eating a slice of cake. Have you tried any new birthday cake flavored treats? Here is our top list of MUST try Birthday Cake Flavors:

1. Birthday Cake - Rice Krispy Treats

Munchie Case Birthday Cake rice krispy treat

2. Birthday Cake - Oreo's

Munchie Case birthday oreo sandwich

3. Birthday Cake - Popcorn

Munchie Case Birthday Cake popcorn

4. Birthday Cake - Teddy Graham Crackers

Munchie Case nabisco teddy graham birthday cake crackers

5. Birthday Cake - Project 7 Gum

Munchie Case project 7 birthday cake gourmet gum

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