• What is a Munchie Case?

Munchie Case is a fun monthly subscription snack box. Each monthly case is taste tested and handpicked by our team of “snacksperts” to provide you a value packed line up of sweet, salty and savory snacks. Munchie Cases are delivered right to your home, office, dorm or wherever you want. (only ship in continental US)

Products in Munchie Case will change each month to keep it exciting and new but every once in a while, you might see a snack you have had before due to high demand.

As of right now we only offer one size Munchie Case but will have more options very soon.

  • How many different snacks come in a Munchie Case?

Each Munchie Case come with a mix of 10-12 snacks. We use a tasty mix of sweet, salty and savory snack that come in all shapes and sizes. Everything from chocolates, gummies and sours sweets to salty options like chips, pretzels, puffs and savory treats like jerky and meat sticks Check us out!

  • After I sign up, when do I get charged?

After signing up you will be charged immediately for your initial Munchie Case, then you will be charged every time that your subscription renews. For example, if you purchase a monthly subscription, you will be charged again the following month. Multiple month subscription billing will correspond with the length of your subscription.

For example, if you have a 6-month plan and choose to cancel after the third month, you’ll continue to receive 3 more Munchie Cases for the next 3 months.

  • How do the multiple month plans works?

These are our best deals! We offer tiered discounted rates with each 3- and 6- month subscription. You will be charged for the full plan immediately and not have to worry about it...Munchie Cases are on their way. Get a 3- or 6- month plan

  • Where does Munchie Case ship to?

We currently on ship in the continental US. If you have a really bad case of the muchies and live outside the continental US, please send us a message Hi@munchiecase.com and we might be able to help you out!

  • When does my Munchie Case ship?

Your first Munchie Case will ship immediately. Following shipments will be sent out between the 10th and 15th of every month.

  • Can I give Munchie Case as a gift?

We like your generosity. Yes! Just add the recipient’s name and address at check out and that’s where Munchie Case will be delivered.  Its always fun to get an unexpected gift in the mail, especially with munchies in it! Gifting plans here

  • I'm allergic to some foods, can I customize my Munchie Case?

Unfortunately, as of right now we don't have the ability to customize Munchie Cases for each customer. If there is a snack you can’t eat due to allergy or dietary restrictions we suggest sharing it with a friend who can eat it. (we promise it’s a great way to make new friends)

All of the snacks are clearly labeled by the manufactures and meet all FDA packaging guidelines. Please be sure to read all packaging and labels carefully before consuming if you have a severe allergy.

  • What if I don't like the snacks I receive?

We do our absolute best to provide top selling brands and a variety of the most request flavors to keep everyone happy. Sometimes one of the snacks might not be exactly what your taste buds desire, we suggest sharing it with a friend. To help us get you what you want, tell us and we will try and work it into a future Munchie Case. Contact: Hi@munchiecase.com

  • Does Munchie Case manufacture snacks?

We don’t yet but maybe someday!

All snacks in our Munchie Cases are manufactured by some of your favorite brands. They are the pros at making them and we are the pros at packing them.

  • How do I cancel or make changes to my subscription?     

Canceling or making changes to your subscription is easy using My Account on the home page. If you purchased a subscription that needs adjusting log in and make your changes.

Having trouble? Email us at Hi@Munchiecase.com and we'll help you out.

  • Do you have any additional discounts?

We cut our costs down as low as possible and even threw in free shipping! To get the best deal, we suggest signing up for a 6-month subscription. All prices and discounts are final.

  • How do I change my billing or shipping address?

No problem, its really easy to change the billing or shipping address.                     Go to My Account on the home page, log in and make your changes.

  • Can I order specific munchies?

Not yet! But you can request your favorite munchies and we will do our best to pack them in the future. Request Hi@munchiechase.com

  • What if my Munchie Case is lost or stolen?

If you have not received your box, please be sure to check your tracking number emailed to you. If your tracking number says has been delivered, we suggest first checking with your neighbor, or someone who might have a similar address to you, in case it might have been delivered there by mistake. If you still cannot locate your box, you will need to file a claim with your local (post office/FEDEX/USPS). However, if your tracking number says it has not been delivered. hang tight…delays happen for many reasons outside of our control. if you are located outside of a big city, delivery time may also be a bit longer than expected due to local delivery schedules. If you have any questions reach out to us Hi@munchiecase.com

  • What if my Munchie Case is damaged?

If your Munchie Case is damaged when it arrives, contact (post office/FEDEX/USPS) to file a claim. You can also contact us Hi@munchiecase.com  within 3 days of delivery with pictures of the damage, and we will help look into the issue.

  • Whoops, I placed an order and need to cancel it.

What! Why?

All sales are final but you may cancel your subscription any time before your next box ships.

Please reach out to Hi@munchiecase.com if you have any questions before placing your order.

  • Can I get a partial refund on a multi-month pre-paid plan?

Pre-paid plans are locked in and we do not offer partial refunds on multi-month plans.

  • Do plans automatically renew?

Yes, all of our plans automatically renew, including multi-month pre-paid plans. We don’t want you miss your monthly Munchie Case. You can cancel any time before your next shipment in your login portal.

  • I forgot to use my super special discount code.

Space Case?

Once you've completed your order, unfortunately there's no way for us to back and apply the discount code.  If you haven't been charged for your order yet because it pending, you can cancel your subscription and place your order again with the discount. Lucky you!

  • How much does shipping cost?

We got you! All Munchie Case subscriptions ship for free. (Munchie Case reserves the right to change its shipping policies at any time.)

  • Do you have phone number?

We do not currently offer phone support. We're a small team and e-mail support allows us to be flexible and responsive! Please allow up to 24 hours for a response but in most cases, we’ll respond within a few hours.

If you have any questions you can contact us here Hi@munchiecase.com  

  • What is your return policy?

All sales are final and products can't be returned. No refunds will be issued once a product has shipped. Please reach out to Hi@munchiecase.com if you have any questions before placing your order.

  • I already cancelled my order, why am I still getting a box?

If you’re still receiving a Munchie Case, there’s a good chance your account is still active and has not been cancelled. 

Step 1 - Sign in to your account and double check the account has been cancelled.

Step 2 - If your account has been cancelled and you're still receiving our boxes, it’s most likely you signed up for one of our multi month prepaid subscriptions (3 or 6 month plan) and are still set to receive your Munchie Cases till the end of your plan.

If you don't wish to want to receive any more of your paid Munchie Cases, let us know at Hi@munchiecase.com  and we will donate your unused cases to a local food bank.

  • What Currency does Munchie Case Charge in?

All our prices are in $USD

  • Need help?

Please reach out to Hi@munchiecase.com for any questions, comments or concerns!